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Questions & Answers about the G Pen

Q: How is the MVX Pen locked so it can be carried?

A: The unit is locked by pressing the outer button 5 times. It is a good practice to lock the unit when carrying it so the coil isn’t burned up from accidental activation.

Q: How long does the MVX require for charging before it can be used after purchase?
A: Although the unit comes with a charge, it is recommended to initially charge it for 5 hours.

Q: Are e-liquid or wax oil included with the pen?
A: No. The MVX Vaporizer does not come with any oils. However, all types of e-liquid and wax oil can be used. The rubber stopper is left in when using e-liquid and removed when using wax oil.

Q: Can you use herbs in the vaporizers as well as oils?
A: The MVX Vaporizer is designed to only be used with essential oils. Herbs should not be used.
It is recommended to only use an essential oil that has a consistency of ear wax.

Q: Why does my MVX Pen light keep blinking?
A: A blinking light indicates that the battery needs to be recharged. When the battery is low, the MVX Pen light will blink numerous times.